I have always been fascinated by Shakespearean plays and have generally felt let down by the pace or the energy or even on occasion the actors, but this production is very different.

This venue is very special and far removed from the normal fringe venues I have been to. Set amongst the archaeological ruins of Shakespeare’s rose gives this play an almost supernatural feel. On the grapevine, I had heard some good things about the venue and about the company there, so I decided to check out “Macbeth”

I don’t want to spoil the surprises along the way, but the witches are entrancing and spooky and their performances were amazing, they gave such a nice physicality to their roles wonderful.

The fight sequences were well choreographed and very enjoyable, if at times, I did cringe in pain, the actors gave their all and it shows their hard work and dedication to their craft. [highlighter color=”orange”]Macbeth and lady Macbeth gave superb performances and I really saw the emotion and fear in their eyes.[/highlighter]

Most actors doubled as other roles but you can see that they are having fun with their roles and really passionate about the play and the language, which makes it a real pleasure to watch and to be part of the experience.

Such a wonderful venue and an amazing performance. GO

David Sellers

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