Hamlet or expect unexpected when you come to the Rose Theatre

‘Tis bitter cold’ so yes wrap up well but otherwise I shall tell you no more…. I have even refused to reveal the details to my husband as we had booked the ticket for Hamlet at the Rose for 2nd March.

Earlier tonight as I arrive to help as a volunteer Front of the House Staff it comes as a nice surprise that it’s my duty to sit there among the audience holding a torch in case of emergency.

The best thing about the performance apart from excellent acting is that it takes you by surprise. Not once and not twice. The least surprising may be that a person sitting to your left may turn out to be Hamlet himself or that his mother may die just in front of your feet.

Forget all the Hamlets you have seen so far; be it traditional or modern adaptation. Forget the image of Ophelia that Victorians planted in your mind…

Have you ever seen a Hamlet with a cast of just 4 actors? A Hamlet that lasts 90 minutes, and is staged on what is a theatre and an archaeological site at the same time? You may be taken aback how small the stage appears at first and yet there is more to see behind that black curtain than it seems at first…

[highlighter color=”orange”]As I congratulate Suzanne on her fabulous performance both as Gertrude and Ophelia it comes to my mind what a surreal and beautiful sight she made kneeling down over the pool of water which preserves the foundations of the theatre that opened on Bankside in 1587. Is there somewhere a Millias of today to paint Ophelia from the Rose theatre wearing those illuminated ropes….. ?[/highlighter]

I shall say no more, It’s bitter cold so wrap up warm and come to see a Hamlet that you haven’t seen before…

Nika Garrett

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