Iphigenia in Tauris

It begins with an ethereal figure, dressed all in white, silently lighting candles amidst the ruins. The waves lap gently on the shore, as a man watches thoughtfully from a distance. This is the scene as you arrive at the … READ MORE!

The Eve of St. Agnes

The Eve of Saint Agnes opened with the plaintive shiver of a cello, as the willowy figure of its heroine emerged from the darkness of the Rose Theatre’s ruins. One by one the diminutive figure in white lit flickering tapers, … READ MORE!

As You Like It

Shakespeare’s crowd-pleasing romantic comedy is given a darker twist by director Jessica Ruano in this new adaptation. The partly excavated Rose Theatre’s cavernous depths, sitting beneath a tower block, creates a ghostly atmosphere, while the cast – sporting sharply tailored … READ MORE!


Hamlet or expect unexpected when you come to the Rose Theatre ‘Tis bitter cold’ so yes wrap up well but otherwise I shall tell you no more…. I have even refused to reveal the details to my husband as we … READ MORE!


CONDENSING Shakespeare’s longest play into a mere 90 minutes might not sound feasible. But a trip to the Rose Theatre on Bankside proves it can be done and done well. Martin Parr’s fresh and imaginative pared-down version of Hamlet pulls … READ MORE!

St. Joan

This refreshingly playful version of George Bernard Shaw’s tale of Joan of Arc is made all the more thrilling by taking place in a theatre that defies the odds by its very existence. Having survived land developers and Thatcherism, the … READ MORE!

Measure for Measure

And so back to the delightful Rose Theatre Bankside on a dreary night in November that was brightened by this small but beautiful theatre’s pre-Winter feast. Measure for Measure is a tough choice for anyone – considered one of Shakespeare’s … READ MORE!

Measure for Measure

The Rose Theatre is an atmospheric, historic venue where actors can feel inspired by the early productions of Shakespeare and Marlowe that were performed there, but it is also a restrictive physical space, with the archaeological remains of the original … READ MORE!

Henry VI part 1

The Rose, Bankside is in the middle of a major restoration project so plays are performed on a small raised platform that is stage and ‘auditorium’. Director Bronagh Lagan had a master stroke in choosing to use the whole of … READ MORE!


I have always been fascinated by Shakespearean plays and have generally felt let down by the pace or the energy or even on occasion the actors, but this production is very different. This venue is very special and far removed … READ MORE!